Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days of Simplifying

I have decided to join a blogging call to write and share on one topic for the next 31 days.  My life is need of simplification.  How bout yours?  Purging and tending to what really matters is the direction I'd like to take with this 31 day challenge.  Some days I will tackle big stuff and on other days I'll offer a quick fix.  The goal here is to elminate stress and frustration and replace it with ease.

Day Five

I like cooking.  I don't like piles of dishes and clean up.  When I heard about Martha Stewarts latest cookbook called ONE POT,

I made a mental note to pick it up.  Well, it's arrived and just in time for fall.

The cookbook has 120 meals and it includes desserts (Molten Chocolate Cupcakes, I am gonna drool).  Each recipe has a photo and the book is chalked full of tips and prep times.  This book is just what I need to simplify meals around here.  In fact, I am so charged about giving these recipies a whoorl, I've decided to try two of them each week. Kind of like Julie & Julia but different.  It'll be a win win, hopefully.  My family can try some new things and planning and clean up should be minimized, right?  I'll keep you posted.

The first recipe to try/test will be Pulled Pork.

Can't. Wait.

Meals Simplified!

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