Monday, March 26, 2012


I had been waiting for just the right moment to baptize our youngest son, Joseph.  I studied the calendar trying to pick a date when:   relatives would be in town, my husband would have the weekend free of school and work obligations, no birthday celebrations in conflict,  holiday free, and the church and priest were available. Wow, easier said than done.After carefully weighing all our concerns and studying the calendar with many conversations, we had a date!

We sent our invites and made lunch reservations.  We were set to go, or were we?  The week of,  I discovered the LA Marathon was also scheduled the same morning.  Street closures were slated. (Can you believe the street the church is on was one of the closures?)  My brother in law was called out of town due to work. Oh there is more... Wouldn't ya know it, the oldest member of our trio would come down with the latest bug running a temperature for days and cold symptoms full throttle.  Heavy rain begin to fall and the winds, they were a blowin'.

I stayed up past mid-night preparing the diaper bag, setting out each of the kids clothes, socks, shoes, hair bows, sweaters, jackets, extra changes too....just in case.  Snacks were placed in baggies, juice boxes, books and restaurant entertainment were on the table.  Batteries placed in chargers, etc., etc., etc. 

I woke up, took a shower and proceeded to do one hell of a makeover on myself in about an hour.  I woke the trio and breakfast was served.  I kept a watchful eye on the sky...although it was windy and cold, no rain was in sight.

With the kids dressed and the cars packed, we set out.  The freeway traffic was non existent.  I sailed up the 405 to 605 to problems.  Oh, but there was that street closure thing... Grand and Caesar Chavez were closed like I had anticipated. I crossed my fingers that the exit on Hill would be open.  However, as we approached it was CLOSED.  My inner compass (not the GPS) told me to skip the freeway and back track.  After a few windy roads and turns I found myself on Alpine with the church in sight.

I passed off the trio to family. They were delighted to lend a hand.  I was grateful and happy to oblige.

As I entered the parish rectory, an overwhelming sense of peace came over me.  It was silent.  Just me and the priest sitting filling out the necessary documents. 

The mass was beautiful. The music was incredibly glorious.  With our family and friends near, our precious baby was being blessed. The chatter inside my head, the worry, stress, and concerns about weather were all put to rest.

My heart was content.

Joseph's baptism is a day I will always cherish. My last child blessed in the church that holds so many memories, our heritage, and so much love.  Of course as a mother I have big dreams for my my children. But  I was reminded on that cold morning, to trust and feel God's presence; with hard work and persistence the rest will come.