Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everything is AWESOME, on your 5th Birthday

Earlier this month we celebrated Michael's 5th birthday.   We spent the entire day at the other land, Legoland!  Michael loved it, as we expected.

Over the last year, Michael has embraced Legos, Star Wars and Superheros.  He continues to idolize his sister and is a good big brother to Joseph.

Attending school remains the highlight of Michael's day.  He retells every detail of his school day and enjoys his classmates.  It is an especially AWESOME day when lego creations are built by dad before bed too.
Yep, life is pretty AWESOME for this five year old!

Happy Birthday, Michael Finnigan.  
Keep lighting up the room with your radiant smile! 
You are LOVED! 

A few snapshots of our celebration below. Click or tap on photo to enlarge.