Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week in Pics

I have been facing days that have been quite challenging.   
My heart is comforted as I think of those who have been in my corner.
I am so THANKFUL for your texts, calls, PMs, smiles and encouragement.
You have made all the difference.

I am focusing on the silver linings, blessings and the joys...
they far out number those trying moments.  

Here is a bit of our highlight reel from the past week!

Back to The Magic Kingdom.
We sure are glad to pass holders!
 A goodie bag for a family WE adore!
Mike the Knight
 Backyard Blooms
 The warm weather called for grilling!
 Isabella and I had a quiet stroll/scoot.
MOPS craft complete!
Family time at TeWinkle Park
 Award Winning Kindergarten Art
 How bout that photobomber?  XO
 The TRIO!
Celebrating Isabella's artistic success with BR!
Savor the sweet moments!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week in Pics

We had some full days this week. 
Full days that guaranteed falling asleep quickly.  
Our days were filled with moments that make your heart swell.
Days filled with: dancing, tumbling, shopping, talking, baking, singing, celebrating, learning, crying, sharing, cleaning, reading, growing, loving, playing, praying,
and living creatively moments.

Beautiful messy days; the kind of days that we live for...

A look back at the week in pics:
 I spot a bunny in the yard!
 Isabella and & Michael played for hours outside.
She snapped this one of Michael.
 And this one of herself.
She loves taking pictures!
 Michael getting a warm hug from his Great Grand Aunt.
Can you feel the love?
 Life can be messy, huh?
 Had so much fun celebrating our four  year old!
Candy Rainbow project for Isabella...
taste the rainbow?
 Blessed with rain followed by sunny days perfect for outdoor play.

Bedtime called and Michael was found under our bed...
he went out quickly!
 With the temperatures rising we went outside for painting.
Joseph had an especially grand time.

 Look at these beauties...What a wonderful surprise!
 A quiet moment before church.
St. Anthony's beauty and memories flood my heart and soul.
Isabella is giving her daddy a Tiger Smile here...
Fill your week with JOY.