Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of Simplifying


I have decided to join a blogging call to write and share on one topic for the next 31 days.  My life is need of simplification.  How bout yours?  Purging and tending to what really matters is the direction I'd like to take with this 31 day challenge.  Some days I will tackle big stuff and on other days I'll offer a quick fix.  The goal here is to elminate stress and frustration and replace it with ease.

Day Seven

I don't entertain all that often.  I usually shy away from it because of the kids, thinking I don't have enough time.  BUT when I do entertain, I am always glad I did.
I recently bought Shauna Niequist's book called Bread & Wine, A Love Letter To Life Around The Table With Recipes.  I especially liked this book because it centers around the table and connecting with others.  Breaking bread, sipping wine, chatting over coffee with a sweet morsel made with TLC, that to me is nourishment on so many levels.  I've had some great conversations over lunch, at my MOPS table nibbling on a breakfast casserole, and savoring Tapas with my husband. There is something comforting that occurs when welcomed to a table with others, vulnerability is lessened, veils can be lifted and real connection can take place.  Sometimes you have to linger at the table a bit to reach meaningful depth but it's worth the magic that happens.  The book is a great reminder that we need not get consumed with impressing, rather focus on gathering, sharing stories and surrounding yourself with who and what you love.

She also provides some great recipes, which I intend to try.  The Breakfast Cookies and Farmer's Market Potato Salad look especially good!

Shauna's book Bread & Wine along with an invitation to share a meal would make a super gift for a girlfriend this holiday season too.

Be well!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Day Documented

Yesterday, I documented my day via Instagram with Hollywood Housewife and hundreds of others.  We were asked to take pictures of our daily doings, the usual happenings and such.  We all used the hashtag #onedayhh so we could follow one another.  It was especially enlightening to see just how much our daily lives mirror one another. The afternoon posts weren't as numerous as we were all juggling quite  a bit during those hours, I imagine. What I really took notice of is we aren't all that different.  Balancing agendas and family needs, that's what we all do.  If we can squeeze in a moment for ourselves we bask in it. Sometimes there are moments of splendor and sometimes it is just mundane.  If you haven't read Laura's blog Holywood Housewife lately check it out, you'll be glad you did.  XO

If you aren't on Instagram, you gotta jump in! You'll find me as tanyakovac.

Here is a look back at my One Day.  The day began with Isabella discovering the tooth fairy visited and we closed the day with Grover!