Sunday, May 17, 2015

To My Critics

One lesson I keep being reminded of is you can't please everyone.  For most of my life I have been a people pleaser, so this lesson is hard to accept.  BUT it is true, there are folks out there that will always point their finger, offer unsolicited criticism and judge beyond reasonable measure.  Sure, I could be less of this and more of that... I know myself quite well, flaws and strengths.   I don't need any help keeping my feet on the ground.

If someone is always criticizing others to you, you can bet they are criticizing you to others.  Haven't you heard, there is a reason we've been given two ears and two eyes and yet just one mouth?

To the critics I offer this:
Do not judge what you don't know.  See the beauty in others.  Raise people up.  AND know this; when you love someone, it comes back to you!

I will continue to march to my own beat; 

too bad the critics won't be able to hear it.


Sharing my love for Musical Theater, Annie at Segerstrom Center

I am a lover of music and storytelling.  It's no wonder I am a musical fanatic.

I suppose it started early, my love of musical lyrics and moving stories.  I watched the Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music religiously when it aired on television each year.  When introduced to A Chorus Line, I'd watch until I could recite every line.  From "At The Ballet" to "What I Did for Love," I knew and sang EVERY WORD.

Yes, I was that girl belting broadway showtunes in her bedroom just like Rachel, Lea Michele's character on Glee.  Way before it was chic to be part of a show choir I took the stage in Girl's Chorus and Vocal Ensemble.  Music nourished my creative spirit like nothing else then and even more today.

In high school I attended as many shows as as I could.  At that time Andrew Lloyd Weber was enjoying success in front of American audiences with Phantom of the Opera.  I went to everything, Chess, A Chous Line,  Joseph and the  Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat,  Cats, Aspects of Love, etc...  But it was Les Miserable that sealed the deal, I fell into a spell of musical bliss.  I continued watching live productions including Miss Saigon and Disney's Beauty and The Beast and later Lion King.  Seeing RENT in New York bewitched me!

I took a hiatus from attending shows while in college.  Pursuing my degree and later a teaching credential while working took most of my energy.  I still sang in my condo from time to time, "On My Own" and "Out Tonight" among my favorites.

In recent years, I've enjoyed seeing musicals with my girlfriend with a subscription to the broadway series at Segerstrom  Center of the Arts. We see it as a date.  The shows are "protected" on the calendar and give us a chance to briefly connect and be entertained by productions that are varied.  She has said, she sees it as, "An investment in our friendship."

It is especially sweet when I am able to share my passion for musical theater with my daughter.  Seeing her face light up and her posture lift as the music swells and the curtain raises makes me feel like electricity is moving through me.  (I adore that moment)

Today we saw Annie.  After a lunch for two and some pre-theater activities at the Center we were treated to a wonderful performance.  It did not disappoint.  The show was just as I had remembered from my youth.  The original story is BEST!  Ms. Hannigan remains my very favorite!  We took home a program and CD.  And guess what?  Isabella didn't miss a beat, she ran to put the CD on once we got home.  While I know it will be years before Isabella understands the message that underscores the song "Tomorrow," it's my hope that the optimism that comes with a new day resonates in her heart, always.  XO

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer To Do List 2015

In just a few short weeks summer will have arrived.  
With the prospect of three little ones out of school, I took the time to plan summer activities. 
Keeping the kids happy, active and learning is always my aim.  
Check out my list of fun below.

Summer Fun 2015
Swimming Lessons
Visit Bowers Museum
Take Artables Classes
Watch Fireworks
Attend Theater Camp
Make Ice Cream Sundaes
Star Gaze
Celebrate Birthdays
Thematic Morning Play/Preschool
Music Lessons
OC Zoo
Camp Overnight at the Park
Lunch at the ENC
Have A Bonfire
Stroll the Pier
Build Sandcastles
Bike Ride
Play Miniature Golf
Take Nature Walks
Plant Tomatoes
Linger at the Library
Shop at Farmer's Markets
See Summer Blockbusters
Host a Tea Party
Grill Fruit
Watch the Sunset
Explore Crystal Cove
Go to Big Bear
Host a BBQ
Feel free to share how you'll be spending summer with your family!