Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Day

Hollywood Housewife is one blog that I find myself returning to frequently.  Laura, the writer is a wife to a director, mom to two littles, a writer and the kind of woman I wish I was friends with.  Her blog is topical, whimsy, smart and well written.  She posted a fun idea called "One Day."  All you needed to do was snap pictures from your daily life and Instagram them with a hashtag so followers could check in throughout the day.  

This is how my ONE DAY unfolded:

Every weekday morning includes prepping bags full of "our necessities."
Michael had pony pictures at school, he is sporting his farmer plaid for the occassion.
Arriving early to preschool means a quick peek at the beach.  PCH was glorious.  
The sky was lovely and the air was good for my soul.
Wednesdays include MOPS for me and a mid week trip to Trader Joe's. 
 Michael and Joe were in tow.  Joseph was especially cranky and 
Michael was full of times!
This harvest salad was my lunch. It was delicious!
Dance time after school.  My gal was all smiles for jazz class.
An evening cup of joe.  Seriously, I needed a whole pot!
Dinner for the hubs and I being prepped.  
The kids had pizza.  While I wish I could get them to join us, salmon was out of the question.
Heading out to a PTO meeting.  The trio saying their goodbyes. 
 I rarely leave the house at night these days so they were a bit clingy.  
I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

The meeting was informative and so interesting...more on that later!
 Home in time to tuck the trio in.
 Asleep almost instantly.  Long day for our Joseph.
 This guy was all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  
Wrapping up the day with a bowl of ice cream and reading in bed.  
Scrolling through my day and those who participated in the Instagram One Day pics challenge was a a lot of fun.  I am happy to have captured so many moments.  And, I am a little sad to have missed a few too, like my husband coming in the door, the messy living room I came home to after the PTO meeting, etc...yet, I went to sleep feeling blessed and 
connected to so many other moms.  
While our photos were different I saw so many similarities.  This season of life is always teaching me something too. Gotta say thanks to Laura for a great idea!
Loved #onedayhh

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spinning Plates in October

I am so grateful to welcome November.  I just about collapsed by October's end.  Frankly, I was spinning far too many plates.  The danger with the plate spinning is that it is an art I haven't mastered well.  While our family buzzed about in a freenzy of activity, I was worn to exhaustion.  The pace resulted in a migraine that put me in bed at my in laws last Friday afternoon and lasted 14 hours.  BUT- as I look over our calendar and pictures from the month, I have to say we lived October fully and with joy.

This month I have called in some troops to help manage our schedule and to do lists so that I can enjoy this special time of the year.  I am taking advantage of their assistance and giving myself some "self care." Happy November!

A look back at October:
A charity Fashion Show and Luncheon
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Gram's Birthday

Incredible lunch @ Black Trumpet HB
 Family Fun at Pumpkin Patch
Baba and Dida Return 

MOPS Craft and Pictionary  SUCCESS

Three cute BUGS at California Adventure
Lunch & Dessert Date @ D'Vine in Brea

 Pumpkin Carving

 School Parade

Halloween Fun

Farewell October!