Monday, October 3, 2011

Bone to Pick

I make every effort to be on time for doctor appointments, these days it is no easy feat. Today our appointment ended with me seeing RED:  I will fill you in...
Waiting to see the doctor for 25 minutes with small children is no easy task.  Sitting in the examination room another 15 minutes to be seen by the nurse is also not OK by me.  The small room cramped with equipment only causes my kids to slowly unravel as I ask them not to touch this or that.  What is worse is we can hear children in other rooms crying and carrying on about shots and medication. This breeds anxiety for all of us! Once the nurse arrives, she stays just a few moments and hands me forms with questions...then steps out, UGGH. The doctor comes in and completes the examination in record speed.  And then, WE WAIT AGAIN.  (See the reoccurring theme here?) When the nurse reappears, I am asked to restrain my child for shots (no wonder the kids in the other room were screaming!).  After the shots we wait once again for scheduling future appointments.  
Total time for a wellness check appoinment 75 minutes. 
Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?