Monday, February 16, 2015

I Love You Day 2015

This year Valentine's Day started early for with feeling loved at MOPS midweek. The steering team made us all feel special with beautiful flowers and loving touches placed on our tables and meeting area. A heart banner hung overhead and served as the perfect reminder that love is in the air!

Our topic for our  MOPS meeting, Emotional Literacy!  A relevant topic for the week for sure.  I enjoyed our speaker from Pocket Full of Feelings... powerful messages and reminders that FEELINGS drive our BEHAVIOR resonated. I left feeling like I added some tools to my toolbox for my own family.  I even bought a kit to aid in developing our children's emotional literacy.  Good stuff!

On Thursday, the Hubs and I trotted off to our favorite local tapas restaurant.  Glam-ma watched the trio and we shared morsels of deliciously prepared food paired with wine.  We beat the crowds and had a moment just for ourselves.  Nice, really nice.

Friday morning was full of excitement, school party day x 3! The kids had classroom parties and shared love with cards to their classmates.  We brought cookies and cupcakes for friends in Michael's and Joseph's classrooms to feast on.  Girl Scout Thanks-A Lot cookies were given to teachers and some Caramel-de-Lites were for some who make our days De-lite-ful too!

The kids were treated to "Baskets of Love" because I just can't resist having a reason to celebrate.
After morning activities/classes. I made a special lunch for the Hubs. (His favorite BTLA)

We baked cupcakes after dinner and had some fun decorating them to our hearts content!  Joseph was a big fan; he had two!
Once the trio was down, the Hubs and I stepped outside and sat around our little fire pit.  We reflected on the week and soaked in the quiet.
In all, I came away from Valentines Day festivities with, the best way to feel loved is to spread love.