Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Week in Pics

A good week. Ballet camp, Disneyland, Splash Pad/Atlantis Park and swimming kept us on the move.  The summer days are passing by quickly.
Joseph was a happy audience member at his sister's performance this week.
Well done ballerinas.
We returned to Disneyland after a long blackout period.  We watched the parade, went on a few attractions, ate dinner and saw Fantasmic and fireworks.  
Joseph and I taking in the parade in the BLAZING sun.
Whew, it was hot!
 Our very own "princess" on the parade route.
Yes, that is an egg on his burger.  He said it was delicious!
Isabella and King Triton at Atlantis/Splash Pad

One phenomenal salad! Love you Traders.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Back-to-School Shopping Season

I am not a soccer mom. However, you could call me a:   ballet mom, jazz mom, gymnastics mom, PTO mom, preschool snack mom, MOPS mom, swimming mom and story time mom and I would answer.  I am happy to wear all of the hats this school year.  In fact, I love the fresh start that comes with Back-to-School excitement.  My calendar is chalked full of reminders, meetings and celebrations just like all the other moms out there. And you know what, while the kids are excited, I think I may be even more excited than they are.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to take such an active role in nurturing these little people of mine. So with the last few days of summer slipping by us, we are tending to all the details.  Yep, fresh hair cuts, school supplies, outfits for activities and preparations for a fabulous fall are in full swing.  For all you moms wether SAHM or working mom, I am wishing you well in this new season of activity!
A peek at some of our Back-to-School gear!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pretend City

We finally made it to Pretend City after hearing about it for years!  Did it live up to all the buzz I had heard?  Well, it certainly was entertaining for my crew.  The "City" provided a great environment for creative play.  Our trio found the grocery store, performance stage and doctor's office the most fun. Pretend City is well suited for preschoolers and kindergarten age children. Interacting with the littles in play filled me with joy. (I wish the other parents scanning their cell phones could say the same thing, my pet peeve)  The only con for me was admission was a little pricey; three kids and three adults added up quickly (like many yelp reviewers stated). 

A photo journal of sorts:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Week in Pics

At the start of the week we struggled with a virus with a tight grip.  Being shut in for a few days had us eager to get out. By mid week our cabin fever was curbed with a trip to Los Angeles' Natural History Museum and Irvine's Pretend City.  We ran off to the movies on Friday for Planes and wrapped up the week celebrating the life of my great grandfather, August Martini. A lovely afternoon was spent picining along side a tree planted in his memory at Gibbs Park.

 Plumeria blooms from our backyard
Snack time

Pretend City

 Picnic Play
Happy Birthday August Martini
Love Eternal!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Natural History Museum 2013

Our last visit to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles was just about a year ago. With today's visit we were pleasantly surprised by the additions of the Nature Gardens, Labs and Becoming Los Angeles exhibits. The Dinosaur Hall has always been a favorite of ours, but with Joseph being able to identify so many african animals the African Mammal Hall was a special treat for us.  We also enjoyed the bird exhibits and Butterfly Pavilion.  The time flies by when at NHM and we were only able to take in a fraction of what the museum has to offer, hence we will be back.  If you haven't been to NHM in a while, I'd encourage you to go!

A group shot
Uncle Steffen with the BIG kids

This book was clearly written for ME!

On the way home Isabella asked, "Mom can you believe what we used to look like?"(in reference to the artifacts depicting upright mammals/early man)  The littles do soak it in. Love their take aways!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Week in Pics

The past month whizzed by. (Didn't it?) While July seems to have vanished quickly, the days have been long for this mom.

This week began with wellness checks for Isabella and Joseph.  Immunizations and blood draws brought on tears and lots of wailing.  Thankfully, band aids and lollipops were within reach to soothe them.

We continued our afternoon swim lesson routine and it looks like we may have a fish.  Isabella has gained confidence and is making great progress.

School fever has hit here. We have done some shopping and have been discussing how our routine will  change.  Mornings will start a little earlier.  Planning ahead will be the only way I will survive drop off and pick ups. We will have a full day Kindergartener, a morning preschooler and a toddler at home.

This week included a visit to the ER when Michael lodged a jelly belly in his nose.  Apparently, kids have a fascination with putting things up their noses.  I was surprised to learn so many FB friends and family had kids who had done the same thing with other little objects, ranging from rocks to polly pocket shoes!

The hubs and I bought a new BBQ.  We drove out to the company's warehouse to pick it up early Friday morning. I'm looking forward to some great meals once it is set up and ready for use. (Thanks, Steffen for lending us your truck.)

Family dinner night with Uncle Steffen was Friday.  I made lasagna.  A lot of prep time but good.

Since the hubs is helping a friend with a move I am going to tend to laundry and yard work. The littles seem content playing in cardboard boxes so I am going to take advantage of that!