Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Week in Pics

A good week. Ballet camp, Disneyland, Splash Pad/Atlantis Park and swimming kept us on the move.  The summer days are passing by quickly.
Joseph was a happy audience member at his sister's performance this week.
Well done ballerinas.
We returned to Disneyland after a long blackout period.  We watched the parade, went on a few attractions, ate dinner and saw Fantasmic and fireworks.  
Joseph and I taking in the parade in the BLAZING sun.
Whew, it was hot!
 Our very own "princess" on the parade route.
Yes, that is an egg on his burger.  He said it was delicious!
Isabella and King Triton at Atlantis/Splash Pad

One phenomenal salad! Love you Traders.

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