Thursday, August 8, 2013

Natural History Museum 2013

Our last visit to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles was just about a year ago. With today's visit we were pleasantly surprised by the additions of the Nature Gardens, Labs and Becoming Los Angeles exhibits. The Dinosaur Hall has always been a favorite of ours, but with Joseph being able to identify so many african animals the African Mammal Hall was a special treat for us.  We also enjoyed the bird exhibits and Butterfly Pavilion.  The time flies by when at NHM and we were only able to take in a fraction of what the museum has to offer, hence we will be back.  If you haven't been to NHM in a while, I'd encourage you to go!

A group shot
Uncle Steffen with the BIG kids

This book was clearly written for ME!

On the way home Isabella asked, "Mom can you believe what we used to look like?"(in reference to the artifacts depicting upright mammals/early man)  The littles do soak it in. Love their take aways!


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