Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Links Worth Sharing

I have a love hate relationship with the web.  On one hand I love learning, sharing and connecting via the net.  On the other, I hate the how much time lapses from my quick searches, or how I get sucked in to more searching because I am intrigued by a topic and have an insaitable appetite for more.

I love coming across a post on a blog that resonates within me. Words on the computer screen that call out your name, those are gems aren't they?  Oh how I adore those!

Here are a few morsels of goodness I came across this past week...for your reading enjoyment. XO

Links for your heart and soul:

Hollywood Housewife- If you know me, if you really know me, you know I love Laura's perspective.  Thirty-five

Whoorl- As women, as mothers, we often put others before ourselves.  When we neglect ourselves we really aren't at our optimum for caring for others.  At this moment, I found this link especially fitting.  Happiness Hygiene

Rage Against The Minivan- Kids Who Grow Up It's a bitter sweet thing; kids do grow. XO

Link for you foodies:

Bon Appetite- I am guilty. I have made these chocolate chip baking errors at one time or another.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mistakes

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sea World

It's SUMMER folks!

On Sunday morning we took the family south for a day of fun at Sea World.

It had been three years since our last visit and we were happy to introduce Joseph to the animals that live in and along the ocean. 

The shows and exhibits suited our family perfectly.  With glorious weather, well maintained grounds and friendly staff the hours flew by.  The trio loved the animals and were fascinated with the polar bear and walrus.  I enjoyed the shows, they were entertaining even for our youngest. It was especially nice not being on a tight schedule.  Crowds were manageable and the park had attractions for all of us. As always, we love San Diego! XO

Here are the photo highlights from the day: