Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Links Worth Sharing

I have a love hate relationship with the web.  On one hand I love learning, sharing and connecting via the net.  On the other, I hate the how much time lapses from my quick searches, or how I get sucked in to more searching because I am intrigued by a topic and have an insaitable appetite for more.

I love coming across a post on a blog that resonates within me. Words on the computer screen that call out your name, those are gems aren't they?  Oh how I adore those!

Here are a few morsels of goodness I came across this past week...for your reading enjoyment. XO

Links for your heart and soul:

Hollywood Housewife- If you know me, if you really know me, you know I love Laura's perspective.  Thirty-five

Whoorl- As women, as mothers, we often put others before ourselves.  When we neglect ourselves we really aren't at our optimum for caring for others.  At this moment, I found this link especially fitting.  Happiness Hygiene

Rage Against The Minivan- Kids Who Grow Up It's a bitter sweet thing; kids do grow. XO

Link for you foodies:

Bon Appetite- I am guilty. I have made these chocolate chip baking errors at one time or another.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mistakes

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