Thursday, February 27, 2014

Links Worth Sharing

Gotta share these links with you!

Sacred-ScaredSacred Scared:  This series is raw and beautiful at the same time.  I can't stop thinking about their posts.  I just had to share this with you.  Feeling not enough is something I can really relate to.  Oh how I wish I could turn off those doubts inside my head.  Beneath the layers of what we show the world we all have fears; I appreciate the exposure of self that these writers give.  A gift!  Wouldn't you know Glennon is at the root of this.
Check out: Scared Scared

Fast Food Eats:  Probably not all that PC but we all grab something
from the drive thru window, right?  Did one of your faves make the list?  Visit the link: Best Fast Food Eats

Let It Go:  FROZEN lover?  Is "Let It Go" in your iPod?  Do you hmm the lyrics or belt them out?  If you love the song, you have to visit the link that has the best versions of the song.  I had a few laughs and sang along too!  See for yourself:  Let It Go


Monday, February 24, 2014

Week in Pics (Including The Vukojevic Wedding)

We have had quite a few eventful days all strung together!  

Isabella had the pleasure of attending The Wizard of Oz with her daddy on a daddy/daughter date.  
I was filled in on all the excitement as she recounted details from the show.
Since I am a BIG fan of the arts, it brought me joy to have her see the production.
The hubs was impressed too.
  He said, "The sets were awesome!"

 All of the sudden my azaleas began to bloom.
 Our orchids took notice and began to pop open in brilliant fashion.
Finally, we are getting some color in our backyard.
 I am anticiapting roses and hydrangeas to follow soon.

I had an unexpected visit from a dear friend this week.
She created this succulent treasure for me.
It was a gesture that warmed my heart.
Thanks Mrs. P!

Mid week, our eldest spent a sleepless night with a painful ear infection.  
Seriously, this one was a doozy!  
We were up together ALL night.  
We saw the doctor the next morning and picked up some antibiotics.  
She rested up and returned to school by weeks end.

Mid week we took a stroll to the stables.  
We love these gentle giants!

We even made it to the park this week.
It made this boy so HAPPY!

here is a shot of Isabella feeling a lot better and using learning software. 
This kid loves to learn!


 A spectacular display in the sky as we drove to St. Anthony's for the Vukojevic Wedding!

 The hubs and I attending a magical wedding celebration on Saturday.  
An elegant affair.  
Just look at the beautiful snap shots.

We had an incredible time eating, dancing and acting a little goofy.
The bacon wrapped scallops were my favorite morsels of flavor.
I especially enjoyed the veal risotto too.
The hubs loved the Yogurtland dessert and the new friends he made.
The band was suburb.
We were on our feet, hit after hit.
Yes, the hubs can cut a rug! (thanks honey)

It was wonderful to share the night with our family.

So good to touch base with friends and family we don't see often enough.

Most of all it was incredible to witness TWO LOVELY PEOPLE and FAMILIES unite.
We are so happy for Mate and Debra.
We wish Mr. and Mrs. Vukojevic many years and babies!
(those are going to be some beautiful babies)

After dancing till midnight, In-N-Out was provided as a snack.  
I know, how cool, right?
We had to skip the good eats in order to relieve our sitter.  
The power of suggestion is strong though... I stopped by for a combo at lunch today. 

We wrapped up the week by wishing an expectant mom well at a baby shower.  
This lady is especially dear as she works along side of my husband.  
We can't wait for the arrival of her son and are excited for her to have a trio of her own! 
 Is this not a cute cake?  
The countdown for Jesse has begun!

Yes, it was a wowzer of a week!
  After tucking the kids into bed on Sunday, I slipped into a tub of bubbles for a good long soak.
I am so thankful for all the moments of celebration...lots of JOY!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day; I love you day!

Cupid struck here in the Kovac household.

I take great joy in spreading love.  
I had two cherubs to help too.
Our youngest was a good observer.
Wishing you a day filled with love. 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eating Healthy, Baby Steps

Food represents a lot of things for me.  Food is flavor.  Food is comfort.  Food is love.  Food is nourishment.  Food is energy.  Food is celebration.  Food is art.  Food is... so many things!  With being a bit of a foodie, eating everything I desire requires moderation.  Since I have come to a certain age, I can no longer eat want I want with abandon.  This is why I have begun embracing a healthy strategy that is easy to adopt into my unpredictable life (wife and mom of three littles).  To end the suspense, I have vowed to have one meal a day be a salad.  Easy, right?  I skip the dressing or opt for a vinegar based dressing.  Trader Joe's has some good options too, just read those labels and select carefully.  Bon Appetit. XO