Thursday, February 27, 2014

Links Worth Sharing

Gotta share these links with you!

Sacred-ScaredSacred Scared:  This series is raw and beautiful at the same time.  I can't stop thinking about their posts.  I just had to share this with you.  Feeling not enough is something I can really relate to.  Oh how I wish I could turn off those doubts inside my head.  Beneath the layers of what we show the world we all have fears; I appreciate the exposure of self that these writers give.  A gift!  Wouldn't you know Glennon is at the root of this.
Check out: Scared Scared

Fast Food Eats:  Probably not all that PC but we all grab something
from the drive thru window, right?  Did one of your faves make the list?  Visit the link: Best Fast Food Eats

Let It Go:  FROZEN lover?  Is "Let It Go" in your iPod?  Do you hmm the lyrics or belt them out?  If you love the song, you have to visit the link that has the best versions of the song.  I had a few laughs and sang along too!  See for yourself:  Let It Go


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