Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week in Pics

Two things that rarely happen occurred this week. 
We had rain and a dinner party!  
Both events brought us a lot of JOY.  

It seemed like the downpours were timed perfectly to us needing to go out.  
Needless to say we couldn't dodge all the raindrops and we got WET!  

Remember those days when you'd fantasize being June Cleaver.  You would have well behaved children and throw lovely dinner parties, right?  Well,  I did.  I couldn't wait to set up a table and whip  up drool worthy food.  THEN I had kids.  THREE KIDS!  I have opted for reservations rather than inviting  people over.  Dining out has been awesome.  I do really love stepping out but when another couple has littles it is nice to make a play date of it too.  SO, we hosted a dinner party/playdate.  Yes, it takes time to put the toy store away (seriously, no more toys) and declutter but it was worth it.  We (adults) had fun.  And you know what, the kids had fun too!  We will be doing this again.

Could these kids be any cuter?
 Sundaes and dress up!

This tart was YUMMERS!
The next morning (Sunday) I just wanted to be lazy. 
However, moms don't get Sunday off.
It was breakfast duty for me. 
I made our family favorite, french toast.

 Earlier in the week I snapped these two shots:
Bella and I having girl time.
  Relaxing after MOPS

This afternoon, I am all about some coffee time and taking in some BRAVO before OSCARS!

My guilty PLEASURE!

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