Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrating Michael's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Michael's birthday.
Our celebration was intimate.
 (perfect for a mid week birthday)
Fun was had with cupcakes at school.
 Later we had dinner at Lazy Dog with the family and Vukojevich grandparents.  
And for the sweet finish, we celebrated with gifts and cake with the whole family. 

Turning FOUR is SUPER!
 I don't want to gush on and on about our Michael, but I will say,
this kid has a mega watt smile that brings me joy.
He also has a curious innocent spirit that I adore!
Singing Happy Birthday
Wish anticipation
Well done!
 Thank you to those who called, sent cards and gave gifts.
 Your  love melts me! (Really it does warm me over)
Godparents called to sing Happy Birthday.  Can ya see the phone in he pic?

My instagram pics:
Last night of being three!
 Vanilla cupcakes for school.
His birthday was fit for a SUPERHERO!

The celebration of being a BIG four year old will continue later this month when we visit 
The Magic Kingdom of Disneyland
That ought to be SUPER!
PS  I have taken notice that I MUST pass the camera as I rarely appear in pics.

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