Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week in Pics

I have been facing days that have been quite challenging.   
My heart is comforted as I think of those who have been in my corner.
I am so THANKFUL for your texts, calls, PMs, smiles and encouragement.
You have made all the difference.

I am focusing on the silver linings, blessings and the joys...
they far out number those trying moments.  

Here is a bit of our highlight reel from the past week!

Back to The Magic Kingdom.
We sure are glad to pass holders!
 A goodie bag for a family WE adore!
Mike the Knight
 Backyard Blooms
 The warm weather called for grilling!
 Isabella and I had a quiet stroll/scoot.
MOPS craft complete!
Family time at TeWinkle Park
 Award Winning Kindergarten Art
 How bout that photobomber?  XO
 The TRIO!
Celebrating Isabella's artistic success with BR!
Savor the sweet moments!

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