Monday, August 12, 2013

Pretend City

We finally made it to Pretend City after hearing about it for years!  Did it live up to all the buzz I had heard?  Well, it certainly was entertaining for my crew.  The "City" provided a great environment for creative play.  Our trio found the grocery store, performance stage and doctor's office the most fun. Pretend City is well suited for preschoolers and kindergarten age children. Interacting with the littles in play filled me with joy. (I wish the other parents scanning their cell phones could say the same thing, my pet peeve)  The only con for me was admission was a little pricey; three kids and three adults added up quickly (like many yelp reviewers stated). 

A photo journal of sorts:

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  1. So fun! We love Pretend City. =) I noticed mine were starting to outgrow it this past time. You are right, though...a shame that parents don't view the museum as an opportunity to interact with their kids. Most see it as a "babysitter" for their kids, and they sit back and relax.

    How cute are the pictures from the doc's office?! =) Melt me. I giggled seeing them performing surgery on daddy. Too fun!