Sunday, August 18, 2013


Back-to-School Shopping Season

I am not a soccer mom. However, you could call me a:   ballet mom, jazz mom, gymnastics mom, PTO mom, preschool snack mom, MOPS mom, swimming mom and story time mom and I would answer.  I am happy to wear all of the hats this school year.  In fact, I love the fresh start that comes with Back-to-School excitement.  My calendar is chalked full of reminders, meetings and celebrations just like all the other moms out there. And you know what, while the kids are excited, I think I may be even more excited than they are.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to take such an active role in nurturing these little people of mine. So with the last few days of summer slipping by us, we are tending to all the details.  Yep, fresh hair cuts, school supplies, outfits for activities and preparations for a fabulous fall are in full swing.  For all you moms wether SAHM or working mom, I am wishing you well in this new season of activity!
A peek at some of our Back-to-School gear!

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  1. That picture of Back to school brought back good old memories.