Thursday, October 16, 2014

31 Days of Simplifiying

I have decided to join a blogging call to write and share on one topic for the next 31 days.  My life is need of simplification.  How bout yours?  Purging and tending to what really matters is the direction I'd like to take with this 31 day challenge.  Some days I will tackle big stuff and on other days I'll offer a quick fix.  The goal here is to elminate stress and frustration and replace it with ease.

Day Six


A house always looks instantly better after a quick swipe of a vacuum over the carpet, right?  I have been dragging out the vacuum MULTIPLE times  a DAY. It is a chore that gives me near instant gratification but it can be a hassle. I know, you can relate, especially if your household includes children or a pet.

The hubs has witnessed my frustration and as a show of supporting my need to simplify, bought a new Roomba.  It works like a charm.  Easy. Quick. Clean.  A great investment in my quest towards grace!

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