Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last night, the kids finished dinner and dashed outside for some backyard play, my husband and I looking on from our kitchen table.  With the kids entertained we began to talk.  At first it was surface chit chat.  You know, chatter about the schedules and plans for the week, etc...But as our conversation went on, we hit more meaningful topics.

We shared some short term goals and our strategies to obtain them.  We discussed how we could lend support to one another (so important).  We connected.

The daily grind and my complaints just seemed to vanish.  I felt rejuvenated on many levels.  Our conversation left me feeling confident that we were in sync. Really, I felt empowered,  like there was no way we wouldn't be be triumphant in our next set of goals.  Yep, all this in just a few minutes from our kitchen table.

Isn't it amazing what lingering at the table can do?!

Why not try lingering at your kitchen table tonight.


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