Friday, July 27, 2012

Solicitation in Huntington Beach

I love the convenience of shopping in and around the area I live. But I have observed a growing trend that has led me to think twice about frequenting establishments in Huntington Beach as of late.  

Do you frequent stores like Target and Trader Joe's in Huntington Beach like I do?  Have you noticed the growing number of individuals seeking donations to some questionable charitable cause outside the doors of where you shop?  How do you feel about it?  Has the flyer taped to the edge of their t.v. tray look suspect to you? Do you hand over your hard earned money to the people sitting in a garden chair with a wooden box who solicit you to do so?  Does it make you uncomfortable to enter and exit establishments that have solicitors at their doors?

I feel very uncomfortable handing money out to anyone that I am not familiar with.  When I exit a store I just want to get to the parking lot safely and be on my way.  Digging in my purse or telling a solicitor, "Sorry, not today,"(why do I apologize?) makes me uneasy, especially when I have kids in tow. 

My husband recently spoke to a manager about solicitors outside their business.  He was taken back when he learned  the city of Huntington Beach allows solicitation outside the doors of some establishments  (here is the caveat)  provided they purchase a permit.  Yes, that is right, the city does not mind that you are approached by strangers seeking cash.  The city however, is happy to profit from them being in the city.

PLEASE, I am asking that you bid all solicitors well but  DO NOT hand over any money.

If you are as annoyed and irritated by the growing number of solicitors and the city of Huntington Beach's position, hit the link below.  Let the city council and mayor know that you do not approve of their policy granting permits for solicitation.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I really appreciate it.

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