Thursday, July 26, 2012

Children's Consignment

The scenario:  Three children ages 4, 2, and 1....and a lot of stuff.  We have been blessed with oodles of children related and baby care items.  As we have grown in age and as a family, I have run out of places and spaces for all our wares.

Through the years I have held garage sales and donated our outgrown and unwanted good condition items.  While it felt nice to regain space and order I have been left a little unsettled about letting items go that cost us pretty pennies.  Let's face it, garage sale shoppers are looking for a score.  Dirt cheap give aways made me feel resentful.  Passing items to friends and charities left me feeling a little better, as I knew the items would be appreciated and be used. Yet, I still wanted to recoup some of the investment.

A friend of a friend gave me an alternative, consignment.  She shared a link on Facebook.  I looked it over and was lukewarm to the idea. It took a few months of simmering on the idea before I agreed to give it a chance.

I decided to consign with Up Up and Away Kids Consignment.  They hold sales four times a year.  You prep your items and drop them off.  They charge a small fee and keep a percentage of the sales.  The rest of your proceeds are mailed directly to you. There is an option to pick up unsold items or elect to have them donated as well.

A past Up Up and Away Kids Consignment Sale
I spent a good week or so going through storage bins and closets.  All of this activity,  put me into a tail spin of emotions from feeling industrious to sentimental.  My old maternity wear has been easy to let go, while letting go of Isabella's cute ensembles have required wrestling matches in my head.  Isn't is crazy that passing on a bebepod would choke me up?  The flood of memories, moments I cherish, were  brought to the forefront of my mind.  Sifting through the bins had been like discovering bits of buried treasure, each item connected to an event etched in my heart. I selected a few things for keeping, some for charity, and a good sum to consign.
Let the item prep begin!

Item IDDescriptionCategorySizePriceFlagsTag Printed?
1CachCach Playwear & Hat
Orange/Pink Flower Detai
Clothing - Girls0-12 Months$2.50No Discount
No Donate
2Gymboree Pink JacketClothing - Girls12-18 Months$5.00No Discount
No Donate

Up Up and Away has an easy to navigate system to enter your inventory within their website.

Consignment items are entered into a computer system by category, description, and price.
Tags are generated  for each item.

Each clothing item is hung and pinned with a tag.

Items ready to consign.
Consigning does require a bit of effort, hanging, pinning, tagging and so forth.  It is also rule bound (limits on sizes and number of items).  However, I feel the time investment and effort is worth the reward of dropping the items off and not having to barter, advertise, and invite strangers over to rummage through our stuff.  

Tips for Consigning

1.  Store "pristine items" on hangers at the back of your closet or in clear storage bins by size and     
     gender. (HUGE time saver)

2.  Keep original packaging whenever possible.  An original package will give buyer confidence and
     a higher selling price.

3.  Inspect your items as a consumer.  Price according to what you would be willing to pay rather
     than what you hope someone else will pay for the item.

4.  Enter all of your merchandise before printing tags. Cut and tag items one sheet at a time to
     maintain organization.
5.  Encourage friends to consign with you.  You'll generate ideas on what to sell, discuss pricing,
     and enjoy the process so much more!

Use rubberbands to secure hangers with clothing grouped by size and gender.

Place miscellaneous items in a bin for easy toting.
While I was hesitant to consign my baby/children's clothing and gear, I have been pleased with the overall outcome.  In just a few days time I gained some space and organization while recovering some funds.  The sale continues through the weekend and I am optimistic that most items will sell.

Sold Items Report

Up Up and Away Kids Consignment LLC
Last Updated: 7/26/2012 12:04:44 AM

Item IDDescriptionSelling PriceDiscounted?
2Gymboree Pink Jacket$5.00No
4Baby Lulu 2PC Playwear
Pink & Gray
5Guess Pink & Blk dress
Ruffled Skirt
10Sweetheart Rose
Blk/Red/Wht Dress
11Gymboree Dress
12Gymboree Dress
Pink & Green Flowers
18Gymboree L/S Shirt
Wh/Brn/Red Plaid
19Bebe Pod Lime
Tray and Toy Included
20Twin Sheet Set
Laura Ashley Tea/Cupcake

The report above is a partial listing of what items I have sold thus far.

I highly encourage families to check into children's consignment opportunities.  Say goodbye to garage sales and join the rest of the savvy moms and dads who consign. 

Happy selling!

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