Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slow for the cone!

Our neighborhood has had a street resurfacing project underway for the last couple days.  Of course, Michael and Isabella have loved checking out the progress and large trucks.  We are not the stay at home types and have outings and a schedule of sorts to keep.  Hence, we have had to sit and wait in the car to exit our track a few times, much to Michael's delight! 

BUT,  I ran into a predicament.  

When I returned from running errands this afternoon, I wasn't permitted to gain entrance into our track or down our street.  
What to do?  Park 6 blocks away and hoof it with the trio.  

I must say this group of public works workers have done a great job!
Here are a few pics of them and tax dollars at work.

Once settling in, we cooled down with popsicles! 
Oh and the car, it will stay 6 blocks away until after sunset!

Gotta love that messy face!


  1. 6 blocks!!!! Oh man! You are super mommy. The street will be so nice and smooth for them to ride bikes on, eh? =) Did Joe love the trucks? XO

    1. Joe had fallen asleep on the way home... But all the pinging, loud noises and activity has been fun for the kids. XO