Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Lazy Day, KOVAC Style

Yesterday, Isabella played hookie from morning summer camp activities.  She wanted a lazy day.  After bacon and jelly toast and a few too many cartoons, we marched into the kitchen for a baking project.  Hmmm... what to make?  How about carrot cake cupcakes for daddy's work?

The kids got busy cracking eggs and mixing up batter.  They loved the smell. (me too)  A few tastes of the batter and we were ready to bake.

The kids had lunch while the cupcakes baked and cooled.  I also whipped up a batch of cheesecakes while they watched a few Tom & Jerry episodes. Before long the kids were antsy. I set up some art and learning activities to entertain the littles so I could finish up in the kitchen.  Michael carefully concentrated on his painting project while Isabella enjoyed her Kindergarten Prep book.

A bit of cream cheese frosting on each... Our finished carrot cake cupcakes!

We spent the rest of the day outside.  We read some books, raced cars on the coffee table and had a basketball shooting contest. I made pizza for the kids dinner and salmon for the Hubs and I.

This morning, I woke up before the sun.  I topped the cheesecakes with cherries-the final touch.  I quickly boxed them up before the Hubs set out for work. (Why is he ONLY quick in getting ready for work?)

Our treats, boxed and ready to eat!
The HUBS, looking chipper for 5:30!

 We hope our sweet treats make for some happy faces today.
Really, his staff deserves so much more!
So much for a lazy day. I went to bed exhausted and slept like a BABY!

Now....for today's agenda!

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