Friday, August 31, 2012

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

Our youngest lovebug at Natural History Museum, Los Angeles
Our "Summer To Do List" included visiting the Natural History Museum, in Los Angeles.  I was reminded of that, when I saw a friend's FB posting, so we headed on over just under the wire!

We had a great time taking in the dinosaurs.  The Museum has done a wonderful job of highlighting these impressively large beasts that used to thrive millions of years ago. Isabella has always been fascinated by dinosaurs and today was no different.

The African and North American animal exhibits were lots of fun for our kids too.  They enjoyed rattling off the names of the animals, what they ate, and where they could be found.  Michael's favorite was the elephant.  Isabella was enchanted with the tiger. We also strolled through the Birds wing. (get it?) What an amazing collection of birds. The bones scale was bone weight, 27 pounds.

I was in my glory all afternoon, pointing out this and that.  My teacher training and love of learning were in full throttle.  Days like this is what I live for.

The Butterfly Pavilion was beyond beautiful.  To see so many butterflies at once was really special.
Isabella was swooning over swallowtails and monarchs alike.  She kept asking me to, "Snap a picture!"

Mommy, always the "teacher."
Our Batman spots danger!
While not the best photo of the Trio...I loved the bronze panels and was reminded of my great-grandfather.
He created many bronze works for the Los Angeles area as a young man.

Identifying Butterflies

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  1. We LOVE this museum and became members last year. It is a definite MUST for all children, and adults alike. Looks like you all had a blast! I, too, love those bronze panels. =) Way to beat this heat and head indoors for some education and air conditioning! Smart mama! =) XO