Monday, August 6, 2012

Marmalade Cafe Review

Marmalade Cafe, Sherman Oaks
This weekend I had the pleasure of dining at Marmalade Cafe for breakfast twice! Yes, twice.  We enjoyed ourselves so much on Saturday, that we chose to visit a second Marmalade Cafe location on Sunday.

I had been to Marmalade Cafte in Sherman Oaks years ago for lunch and was delighted by the food, service and ambiance.  Since my husband and I were to be passing through town on a weekend getaway, it was a perfect opportunity to revisit the restaurant.

Upon arriving we were greeted immediately and ushered to a quaint table for two. Our server graciously offered us coffee while we looked over the extensive menu.  I opted for the Classic French Toast.  The hubs choose the Italian Omelete.  While waiting, I soaked in the charming ambiance of the cafe: gold gilded mirrors, chandeliers, plate racks displaying a beautiful collection of tableware, and antiques adorning shelves. The cafe was cozy and warm, just how I had remembered.

A Fantastic Menu

Classic French Toast
Italian Omelet
The food did not disappoint.  Not only did it look amazing, it was delicious too. My french toast was light and had a faint vanilla bean flavor.  The fruit was the perfect compliment to the dish.  The Italian omelete was incredible.  I couldn't resist taking a second bite just to get a nibble of the tasty turkey sausage. The omelete was served with seasoned potatoes and toast.

The service was efficient and friendly.  I especially, appreciated that our server didn't hover but knew when we could use a refill on our coffee.

Overall, the cafe exceeded our expectations.  In fact, the hubs enjoyed it so much that we popped into the Westlake Village location on the way home from our weekend getaway.

The Westlake Village location offers outdoor seating with tables covered by umbrellas near a babbling brook.  We opted to sit outside. This time, I ordered Huevos Rancheros (Muy Bueno) while the hubs chose the Italian omelete, why mess with a sure thing?!

For details on Marmalade Cafe locations, hours, and their menu, click the link.

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