Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happier at Home

I was first introduced to Gretchen Rubin through her book, "The Happiness Project."  The book chronicles how focusing on one theme a month (examples, incorporating wisdom of others, creating outer order to create inner order, etc.) helped enhance her overall happiness. I picked up the book while strolling down the asiles of Target.  When I mentioned I was reading it to another mom gal pal, we exchanged our insights. Honestly, Rubin's book resonated with us as moms and as women in general. I devoured, "The Happiness Project," and had a paradigm shift of my own as a result.

When I learned of a second book, "Happier at Home," was to be released this September, I was ecstatic. 

"Happier at Home," covers the following topics by month:

  • September- Possessions, Find Simplicity
  • October- Marriage
  • November- Parenthood
  • December- Interior Design, Renovate Self
  • January- Time, Cram Your Day With What I Love
  • February- Body Experience the Experience
  • March- Hold More Tightly
  • April- Neighborhood
  • May- Now, Remember Now

*Side note here....Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I LOVE that the book is broken into nine months starting with September, Genius!

This book is about creating an environment around and within you to bring fulfillment into your, "everyday life."  Tending to the daily business of being a wife and mother can drive you into a rut if you forget life is about the details.  Get a copy of Rubin's,"Happier at Home," you and the ones you love deserve the happiest of homes!


  1. I am most definitely going to read this! Thank you for getting me excited to read something other than text books. =)

  2. You are WELCOME, I hope you enjoy the read.