Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preserving Holiday Memories

Isabella and Michael looking at our Christmas memory book 2011
I take thousands of pictures each year.  With digital imaging it is easy to shoot and delete pics with a press of a button.  So snap away, take lots of shots.  Moments pass by so quickly in our children's lives so perserve those eyes filled with wonder and excitement with your camera!

What to do with all the pictures? Good question. While I am not a huge scrapbooker (takes a lot of time, supplies, and creativity), I have created holiday memory books.  I just select a few images documenting an event. I mount the pictures on scrapbooking paper and create a collage.  It is easy to add stickers, cut outs, momentos, invitations, programs,  etc... We bring out the memory book as each new holiday approaches.  

I love looking at the photos and saying, "Remember when...?"  Seeing the kids grow from year to year is always special too. We really enjoy walking down memory lane and making future plans for the upcoming holiday. Preserve those holiday memories folks! XO

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  1. So inspiring honey,I enjoyed in this post;-)