Friday, November 2, 2012

Field Trip #2 Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

Ready for our field trip and mommy/daughter day
Today we visited Michaels Arts and Crafts Store for our second field trip.  The field trip was centered around the six elements of art: form, line, space, color, texture, and shape.  Michael's staff sent us on a scavenger hunt of sorts with a map and a clue.  The kids looked high and low for clue cards and we coached them on answers.

There were almost as many parents along as children.  We were all impressed by the students stellar behavior.

After completing our scavenger hunt, the class applied what they learned and created self portraits and had snack.

It was a quick and enjoyable morning. A no fuss field trip that stimulated our crafting center of the brain.

Isabella and I took advantage of "our time" together and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and eating at Rain Forest Cafe.

 We found a clue!  Mark your map.
 Feeling the form of their faces. (just a few parents in the background)
 Portrait making
Our friends at work too!
 Prayer before snack (precious in every way)

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  1. You take the best pictures! I love the one of you and Bella before the trip began. =) Precious. Both of you are so pretty. XO