Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Week in Pics

We have been fighting sniffles, sore throats and tickling coughs this past week.
No big adventures this week but rather a week of mellow indoor activity.
We hope to be back in full swing in time for Thanksgiving.
These two LOVE to paint
Brought some flowers in to add some cheer
Daddy and the boys
 Just one quick story before bed
Isabella sugar cookie baker
Uh Oh, Jury Duty!


  1. hahah. I loved the jury duty photo! =) What a sweet family you have. I love Joe's face in the book photo...he looks like he LOVES to read stories. Precious! Hope you all feel better soon! XO

    1. I know...BOO to Jury Duty! This "bug" going around wants to linger, I am not giving in. We all love story time; feels great to unplug and read. XO