Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Garden Makeover

My kitchen window azaleas are in bloom
It has been HOT here for the last few weeks. With the uncomfortable temps, I stayed away from gardening. (I know, how could I neglect something that brings me such joy, but the HEAT and HUMIDITY had been relentless.) A little over a week ago I went out to survey the condition of our flowerbeds...sadly, the damage had been done.  The vegetation looked shabby at best, weeds had begun to settle in and our beds were pretty dry too.

I waited for an overcast day to begin my makeover.  Tending to the small ones while weeding, clipping, digging and running to the garden center was challenging at times, but put me into an industrious mode. The kids selected red and purple bedding plants to spruce up our rose beds. Isabella and Michael took comfort under our tree, while I toiled away. They entertained themselves by collecting seed pods, digging holes and playing with a few dinosaurs.

With just a few afternoons of sweat equity, we are seeing the fruits of our labor.

Isabella's bird, affectionately named Tweeter
I bought this in a 4 inch pot for St. Patty's, it LOVES water and shade!

Our Cheerful Scarecrow

Pumpkin Fun

A dino cameo
Front door gussied up
It feels a lot better to pull up into our driveway since giving our garden some TLC. I am ready for the scent of pumpkin, cooler days, and longer evenings.  How about you?

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  1. Adorable Dino Cameo =) Made me smile. I love all the sweet little touches you added to your garden. Beautiful. You definitely have a green thumb! XO