Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Recess- Our Week in Pics

I was so happy to have slower paced mornings this past week. The hustle bustle was replaced with cartoon watching, creative holiday projects and decorating.  It felt great not being on a tight schedule. Being able to connect with the trio like I used to is what I am most thankful for.  I must also add that not hosting Thanksgiving allowed me to escape the pressure of preparing a grand meal with three small children; very grateful.  I missed photo opportunities on Thanksgiving largely due to keeping my eye on a feverish little.  Thankfully, he bounced back quickly.  As I prepare for a fun filled December, here is a look back at the week-

 Home made dessert tray for Thanksgiving
 A goodie for me
 Gingerbread house maker
 Sneaking a few nibbles
 Joe all smiles
 My  Michael
 Books gathered 
 Kitchen Elf
 Loving up Gracie
 Silly (my glasses)
 French Toast please!
 He eats!
Rest and relaxation

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