Thursday, December 5, 2013

MOPS Semester Ends

Yesterday was the last meeting of the semester for my MOPS group.  I had some trepidation about attending as I had had a hectic morning getting the trio ready for the day.  (Fitting really, as this semester's theme was centered around this season of life being "A Beautiful Mess.")  It would have been easy to drop off my middle child at preschool and go on home, but I felt a pull that ultimately brought me to the last session.

I was stunned to find just one member of my table waiting for the meeting to begin.  Where were the other ladies?  The two of us looked at each other puzzled and felt relief that we had one another and were not alone!

We talked about the movie FROZEN, our children, home renovations and her business. While the company of the others was missed, being an introvert of sorts, this is what suited me.  My earlier frustrations fell by the wayside and I became at ease.

We were joined by another member moments later.  We took in the message of our speaker and were able to freely disclose without judgement during the discussion portion of the meeting.  The honesty and vulnerability is what I found to be nourishing... this is what I crave as a mother, woman and human being.

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