Sunday, September 29, 2013

Isabella Turns 6!

The week was all a buzz as Isabella's birthday grew near.

Isabella tuned six on Thursday.
It was sassy, sweet, spunky, silly, sparkly and spectacular!

Here is the recap:

We began our preparations with making small goodie bags for her classroom friends. A surprise wrapped book was donated in Isabella's honor to her classroom too. The title later to be revealed in a read aloud by the teacher was Fancy Nancy's Extravagant Tea Party.

 A special cupcake from the Newton Girls after our last swimming lesson.
 Dinner at Mona Lisa
We ordered all of our favorites.
Every bite was delicious!
A sweet gift from a classmate!

 One gift from mom and dad before bed.
A happy birthday!

We continued to celebrate...
Saturday Breakfast at Mimi's in Carlsbad

  San Diego Zoo Birthday Celebration Begins

San Diego was good to us.
All of us were beat from our animal adventure, especially Joseph.

The weekend isn't over without some lovin with Glam-ma, Gramps, Uncle Steffen, Aunt Lucy, Cousins, and Nana.
 Sunday Pizza Party Bash with Family

It was a super birthday celebration for our girl.
It has been a joyous year.
My heart grows bigger each day as I witness who she is becoming.
Dream BIG Isabella!

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