Monday, September 23, 2013

You are beautiful

It was a quiet Sunday morning.  My husband had left quite early to get some work done in the office.  Our youngest was sound asleep after a night of celebrating his uncle's birthday.
My oldest was at the computer playing on Nick Jr.
 And then it happened, my middle child climbed up on my lap, held my face in hands and said, "You are beautiful." 

I was taken back.  I wasn't feeling particularly pretty, in fact when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror earlier, I only saw the evidence of father time creeping in.  We are always the most critical of ourselves, aren't we?  But Michael's comment touched my core.  My outside appearance has no relevance to him.  I was moved to tears.  To mask my emotion, I kissed my little guy and tickled him until we were both giggling.

  Life through a child's eyes can be so sweet.  

I am sharing this with you, to remind you to see beauty.  

Take it from me and Michael- 
You are beautiful.

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