Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Virginia Lakes

Just booked our summer family vacation to the High Sierras.  I know it is months away, but my body and sprit have been pulling me to book this trip.  Perhaps it is because I am in desperate need of unplugging and recharging, literally! It has been too long since my last visit to Virginia Lakes when our first born was just 9 months old.  Looking forward to bringing the boys along as I have spent many summers here as a young girl and adult.

Virginia Lakes, CA

Viewing pictures of our last trip in 2008, I can hardly believe how small our Bella was.  I was worried about her ears and the high elevation, but she was a champ.  Shooting, fishing and relaxing hold special memories, thus I an anxious to return.

Can't wait to make new memories in the great outdoors!
Have you arranged your summer vacation? ( I know, it is only January!) Where ya going?

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