Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crystal Cathedral to be called Christ's Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral to be known as Christ's Cathedral...A quick clip:

For months I have been following the Catholic Church (Orange Diocese) and their acquisition of the property known as The Crystal Cathedral. I am overwhelmed by the $54,000,000 price tag. It is also unsettling to me that there are renovations required, meaning more funds will be allocated.  To add insult to injury, two Catholic churches in our neighborhood, within miles of one another have/are petitioning parishioners for building projects. I am bowled over by the sticker shock; 
especially with the economic strife that remains prominent for many families.
While I know it is the intention of The Catholic Church to reach and minister The Word of God in/on this beautiful property (and they will), I can't help but think that they will be sharing the word to members and believers within the Catholic Church.  Could the funds used to purchase the property have been put to better use? How will catholicism be impacted in Orange County with the purchase? What are the motives of the church?  Obviously, they want to be visible, right? That fact is abundantly clear.
Yet, my mind wanders as to what could have been accomplished in Orange County with the $54,000,000+ spent if directed in other ways... As a Catholic, I can't say that I support this expenditure open heartedly.  However, I remain optimistic that lives will be touched and changed through the WORK of the church. May Christ's Cathedral serve the community of Orange County and become a Cathedral that belongs to the PEOPLE.

 Wouldn't that be a welcome blessing worth every penny?

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