Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Open House

Isabella had her Open House this week.  Wow, what at treat it was to see her so proud of the projects and progress she has made this year in preschool.  It was especially fun for me as I was the parent rather than the teacher.  Isabella was tickled to have the whole family at school and gave us a guided tour of room.  Here are a few pictures from the event:
Beaming with Daddy

Each week a new bible story was taught; catch the eyelashes on the big fish?

Self portrait of sorts

Life cycle of a caterpillar

Chrysalis tree

Parts of a plant
She also took home memory, counting, shapes and colors books.  

We took a quick peek into a Kindergarten Prep room too...
looks like next year will focus on reading, writing, and math!

After cookies and lemonade we happily piled in the car and chatted about all the fun we had.

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