Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Links Worth Sharing

One thing I enjoy about reading blogs is blogs I visit regularly also share blogs they read.  I have come across some great ideas, insights, humor and entertaining reading through links that were shared.  Rather than filling up inboxes with e-mails or flooding my FB page with even more links, I thought posting links here would be ideal.

As we start off the 2014, 12 Rules for being beautifully human struck a cord in me.  No need to be perfect. Marc and Angel Hack Life Beautifully Human

The Hello Darling Blog via MOPS shared the important reminder to present in those ordinary moments with our children.  I struggle with this a lot, my mind is always cluttered. Being present is a top priority for me this year. Repurposing Mundane Moments

There are times when yelling feels like the only way to let out frustration and get people to understand.  Yet, it always proves to backfire in my experience.  This was a little morsel of goodness I found about a mother who halted her yelling and took on an orange rhino persona. What I learned when I stopped yelling

Entertaining does not always need to be grand.  A simple baked potato bar and samples of beer sound perfect when paired with good company.  No need to be formal peeps, just make getting together happen!  I leave you with this gem from Cupcakes and Cashmere Baked potato & beer night


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