Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Old Mining Ghost Town; Bodie!

Bodie State Historic Park is one of the best preserved old mining towns in the country.  While only a fraction of the town remains, at it's peak in the 1800's it had over 10,000 residents. If you are a history lover, teacher or love the idea of time traveling, include a visit to this town.  Park rangers are very knowledgable and have plenty of wild stories to share about this "boomtown."

While looking at the structures and peering in the windows  your imagination will fill in what is missing.  Walking down Main St. (even though it was desolate), I heard the hustle and bustle of a thriving town.

A fire set by a young boy is rumored to have destroyed much of the town, but for me the extreme climate would have had me packing.

Check out California State Parks web page for more information on visiting hours.  When traveling through the eastern Sierra's add Bodie to your "must see list."

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