Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I LOVE You Day!

Holidays have taken on a new meaning now that I am a mother of three. 
 Every holiday has to be celebrated in some sort of grand fashion. 
 Cupid has been slinging arrows and preparing for Valentines Day.  

In fact, Isabella saw fit that her boyfriend at school get a few of his favorites for
 Valentines Day too...yes, dad knows.

Everything is in place.  

While it was a lot of fun this mom is ready for a long slumber.  XO
Adding her special touch to cards
Isabella's school bag
Mailed a few postcards

Classmate Valentine's Day Bags 
 Made Mini Cheesecakes for MOPS
Pinterest Craft
 Cookies for decorating at school
Hooray to Ralphs for the smart kits...cookies & frosting
Goodies from Grandma & Gramps 
 Isabella's gift to her boyfriend: 3 green cars (his favorite color is green), snacks (she insits he loves the Ritz crackers), crayons and markers (green thing again) and she thinks he likes kit kats too
 Goodies for the trio upon waking up
Family dinner will be made simple and cozy and
 decadent flourless chocolate cakes from Blackmarket Bakery will be served for dessert
Happy Valentines Day

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  1. Stop it are beyond adorable!!! Everything you touch turns to magic! What a thoughtful mommy you are...and you have done a tremendous job with teaching your children true love and the meaning of caring for others. We so love being friends!! You inspire me,Tanya! Xo