Monday, February 18, 2013

Disney's Campaign; I am a Princess

My heart beats stronger with each viewing of Disney's, I am a princess commercial.  
I beam with pride as I listen to the words as a little girl, 
 woman, mother of a daughter and teacher.  
The negative stigma that once was associated with being a princess is now being lifted.

If we raise our daughters to share the love of books like Belle,
 have the determination of Tiana,
 the courage of Merida and the heart of SnowWhite
 there will be no need to be rescued 
by Prince Charming, but rather be cherished by a Prince Charming of their choosing.

I am a princess (via youtube)

I hope with all my heart that this anthem will resound in my daughter and yours
 for years to come.
It is our responsibility to nurture bright, strong and kind daughters.

Words hold power when we BELIEVE them.

I am a Princess

I am brave sometimes.
I am scared sometimes.
Sometimes I am brave even when I am scared.
I believe in loyalty and trust.
I believe loyalty is built on trust.
I try to be kind. I try to be generous.
I am kind even when others are not so generous.
I think standing up for myself is important.
I think standing up for others is even more important, 
but standing with others is most important.
I believe compassion makes me strong.
Kindness is power.
and family is the highest bond of all.
I have heard I am beautiful.  I know I am strong.
I am a Princess, long may I reign!


  1. Aw, maybe my pregnant hormones, but I bawled during that commercial! =) Favorite line, "Kindness is power." <3 This. Rest assured, Tanya, you are raising Bella to be the strong princess the video speaks of. She is one wonderful little girl. I'm sure you beam with pride at the commercial because you know those are the words of your own daughter. Long may she reign! =) XO

  2. Bella said to me the other day, "Grandma, did you know I'm a princess?" big grin. "Really, grandma I am."
    "You are"? I said. "Umm hmm," she said.
    "Then that makes me a grandma of a princess." "Wow that is fantastic!"
    She smiles really big, and gives me a hug
    Love my Belle

  3. Well I kind of grew up pretending to be a Disney princess... Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Mulan taught me everything! Of course, Harry Potter did too :)