Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Week in Pics

It was an eventful week!  
We: celebrated grandma's birthday, said farewell to our bunnies, visited Tanaka Farms, endured some rain ( hooray!), prepped our consignment items, visited with Uncle Steffen while watching debates and devouring carne asada tacos, and had a breakfast tea 
(and a thousand other little moments) 
It was a great week.
 Happy Birthday Mrs. Vukojevich XO

 Thumper and Buttercup found a new home!

 Let's hit the road...Tanaka Farms Bound!
100+ Items for Consignment
Ready Bake Cookies!  Are they not cute?
Breakfast Tea

 Don't JUDGE my bed head (literally, this is REAL life) and ensemble! XO


  1. Oh I see FAGE yogurt 0% at breakfast tea. Yummy the best I ever tasted, even better its protein. like the tea party breakfast

  2. your pictures are adorable! hope you visit and follow me? i think you'll like my outfits :)