Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Week In Pics

This week was nonstop.
 The hubs was out of town for three days so I flew solo at the weeks start.
Once he returned home it was go, go, go!
Our week included: a birthday, Open House, a field trip to Tanaka Farms for strawberry picking, a campout at our cousin's house, a visit to Prehistoric Pets
and a sweet celebration in honor of my nephew's first holy communion.

The next two weeks on our calendar promise to be activity filled x2.  Lord help me keep up this pace!

Open House...farewell pre K

Tanaka farms with daddy and friends

Shrinky dinks.   Yes, they are still around.
Best Time!!!

Prehistoric Pets

 Some sugar to kick start the morning
 Petar's 1st Holy Communion Celebration
A very HAPPY boy

 Some sweet lovin' to wrap up the week.


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